PROACTIVE systematic reviews now available on the website!

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After eight months of hard work and a ridiculous amount of reading, the PROACTIVE consortium is proud to present our two systematic reviews of the current state of CBRNe.

The first review is focused on public perceptions and reponses to CBRNe incidents and is based in the available academic literature. One key finding is that the general public’s current understanding of CBRNe prevention and management strategies is very low. Further, across literature there was consensus that official protective and preventative recommendations are often misunderstood, complex and confusing to the public. Luckily, PROACTIVE plans to co-create pre-incident information materials with the public in order to help them understand CBRNe incidents better and which actions to take during CBRNe threats! Read D1.1 – Findings from systematic review of public perceptions and responses here

The second review is focused on current policy for mitigation and management of CBRNe terrorism and is based on grey literature and currently available Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and guidance documents from around Europe. One key finding is that across guidance documents, there seems to be a heavy reliance on practical and physical aspects of CBRNe management, with a lack of recognition for psychosocial aspects of human behaviour during such incidents. Further, there seem to be discrepancies in the information that is provided in guidance documents both within and between countries. Luckily, PROACTIVE plans to review the recommendations found within these different SOPs with our Practioner Stakeholder Advisory Baord (PSAB) members as well as our consortium Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) to create recommendations and guidelines! Read D1.2 – Findings from systematic review of current policy for mitigation and management of CBRNe terrorism here.

Stay tuned for both our pre-incident information materials and our recommendations and guidelines, coming soon!