Deliverable D6.5 on the third field exercise and evaluation workshop

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Our latest deliverable, titled “Report on the third field exercise and evaluation workshop (D6.5)” is now available.

In this deliverable, we present the findings, lessons learned, and key takeaways from our third PROACTIVE field exercise. The exercise, organised by Campus Vesta, an educational facility and training center and eNOTICE project partner, took place on May 13th, 2023, in Ranst, Belgium.

During the third field exercise, we applied recommendations and learnings from the previous two field exercises, which helped ensure its success. This report also details the planning processes, including aspects such as preparing the joint consent form, volunteer registration and collecting and managing property.

The exercise provided an opportunity to evaluate the exercise in relation to PROACTIVE strategic and tactical objectives. Additionally, an experiment tested the impact of PROACTIVE Pre-incident Information Materials on perceptions and behaviors during the exercise. Overall, the experimental results showed that the behaviours observed aligned with the information provided.

Beyond the experiment, PROACTIVE also evaluated the exercise through several sources: pre- and post-exercise feedback from the volunteers, expert evaluation, and data collected from invited observers. On the whole, it was found that communication between the responders and the public was mostly positive, and there were some adjustments made to accommodate vulnerable individuals. However, instances of inadequate communication resulted in people not following instructions, and some responders were perceived as lacking the necessary skills to handle vulnerable individuals effectively.

We highly encourage you to explore the full report here.

The Cover Page of Deliverable 6.5