D2.3 Report on the survey and benchmarking results now available for download

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D2.3 Report on the survey and benchmarking results showcases the results from our CBRNe preparedness & response questionnaire and interviews with Law Enforcement Agencies and other first responders dealing with CBRN. The goal of both the survey and the interviews was to identify behavioural issues associated with responding to a CBRNe incident and potential  shortcomings in existing practitioner procedures and tools with respect to vulnerable groups.

In general, the results have shown that most respondents assume that their organisation is well or very well prepared for a CBRNe incident. With regard to the consideration of needs of vulnerable groups (e.g. older persons, children, those with mental health conditions), the interviews and the online study showed that organisations rarely consider their needs in CBRNe preparedness or response measures. Therefore a greater awareness of the needs of vulnerable groups in CBRNe situations needs to be achieved in the future.

Luckily that is just what we are doing in the PROACTIVE project!