D5.3 now available for download

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D5.3 Requirements of the Mobile Application for Vulnerable Citizens and revised technical specifications is now available for download on our project website!

The architecture design specifications specific to the Mobile Application for Vulnerable Citizens is the main output of this deliverable. The purpose of the architectural design specification in
this case is to ensure consistency with the Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) toolkit (D4.1) in
addition to ensuring a modular, flexible, extensible, scalable, robust and secure system. The design process focuses on facilitating the ability of vulnerable citizens to select, configure and adapt the system in line with their needs and preferences relative to the scenario they are facing.

The Mobile Application for Vulnerable Citizens aims to improve the efficiency of communication between all citizens, including those more vulnerable and the LEAs and Policy Makers involved in the operational aspects of the CBRNe incident, with a particular focus on information sharing.

The technology, as an enabler, is an efficient and effective way to exploit bi-directional communication capabilities offered by mobile technologies and, to support the users in overall decision-making processes. The provision of ‘other applications’ (3rd party) has also been addressed and refers to the integration with third party applications, this covers any application outside of the PROACTIVE system, which may interact by pushing/pulling information to or from the PROACTIVE system.

The Mobile Application for Vulnerable Citizens will be developed based on an iterative approach in line with the 3 exercises planned during the lifetime of the PROACTIVE project. This deliverable
documents the requirements captured prior to the 1st exercise utilising the access we have to the end users within the consortium and the existing CSAB network.