PROACTIVE at the Swedish national conference KEM 2022

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Earlier this fall, PROACTIVE project results were presented at the Swedish national conference KEM 2022. Consortium partner UMU presented PROACTIVE’s work centered around the project’s mission to improve preparedness for and response to a CBRNe incident through better harmonisation of procedures between different categories of practitioners and a better understanding of the needs of vulnerable groups. The focus was on the background and purpose of the project, what makes PROACTIVE unique, the conduct of studies and exercises, and the conclusions the project has drawn so far. The development of an Aide Memoire was also mentioned, and how it is intended to help other include civil society and vulnerable groups in exercises.

KEM 2022 is a Swedish conference aimed at the target groups of the chemical industry, emergency services, health care, police, municipal emergency coordinators, county councils, government agencies, companies and security managers in the private and public sectors amongst other.

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