Photos from our Dortmund CBRNe Training Exercise out now!

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On 7th May 2020, the first PROACTIVE field exercise took place at the Dortmund Fire Department (FDDO) Training Centre in Dortmund, Germany. This field exercise was based on the scenario of a chemical leak from a freight train affecting people at a nearby station. It also demonstrated why it’s important to include volunteers from the general public, including vulnerable groups, in training exercise. Doing so increases societal resilience to CBRNe risks & threats! Below is a series of photos showing the day’s events:

5 persons behind a desk with PROACTIVE lanyards or orange tabards. In front of desk, a women is leaning over on the desk and filling in the form.

The exercise day started with participants arriving on scene to fill out various forms (e.g., consent, COVID-19) as part of the registration process.


Three persons filling in the COVID-19 forms, one man and two women, one of which is using the back of another person to fill it in.

The participants of the exercise signing forms.


Three PROACTIVE staff on one side and three volunteers on another. One PROACTIVE staff is placing the red and yellow striped COVID-19 negative test wristband on one volunteer's wrist.

Participants also underwent a COVID-19 test and those with a negative test results received a wristband.


A person wearing a orange tabard laying out spare clothes for the training. Sweaters and shirts are visible.

Next, volunteers were able to go “shopping” for spare clothes to wear during the exercise.


Two male participants are choosing clothes and a female participant is looking at clothes

Participants are picking out spare clothes donated by the Caritas Dortmund to wear during the exercise play.


Around 18 people inside of the room. Some are sitting on desks and looking at screen. Others are standing and talking with each other

Observers also went through the registration process and then proceeded to a briefing (pictured).


A female PROACTIVE partner wearing an orange waistcoat is standing and looking to participants. In the background, blurred, around 20 people are seated at sitting

Here a PROACTIVE partner is giving the briefing to Observers.


Two female PROACTIVE staff wearing a orange waistcoat are standing in front of the screen where safety instructions are written.

The briefing included information about safety instructions before the start of the exercise.


The male PROACTIVE coordinator is standing in front of the exercise timeline and two participants are sitting and listening

The briefing continued with the PROACTIVE project coordinator explaining the Exercise Timeline.


A participant is holding a map of training center

Observers were provided with a set of materials which included a map of the Training Center.


Two staff of German Red Cross Dortmund are unloading equipment from the van

At the same time, the exercise participants from the fire department and the red cross started to prepare the scene. Here, members of the German Red Cross Dortmund are unloading equipment.


Four persons are helping each other to hold tubes. The red cross logo is visible on some tabards.

This included the process of building some tents, as seen here.


Six firefighters are standing around some equipment (ladder, boxes, an uknown machine). One of them is holding a clipboard and appears to be gesturing to his colleagues.

Firefighters of Dortmund Fire Department were also preparing equipment for the training.


Two firefighters are unrolling material and one is watching them. Others behind are standing

More preparations underway by the Dortmund Fire Department.


Foreground one firefighter viewed from behind. In background, several firefighters, 3 of which are holding ropes to build a tent.

This included the setting up the Decontamination Tent.


Two firefighters are bringing boxes on the roller to the exercise area

Bringing materials to the training area.


Two firefighter are holding a bench and one is holding a belt and another two firefighters are watching. Firetruck in the background.

Firefighters preparing belt benches.


Firefighters in full equipment are standing and waiting for instruction

Before the exercise, the firefighters also held their own briefing.

A blind participant is walking with her walking stick at the incident site

Before the arrival of the firefighters, a vulnerable participant (blind person) is walking around in the hot zone.


A female participant is shouting and asking for help from two firefighters and two other participants are standing behind and talking to each other

The exercise starts with the release of disco fog to simulate the release of toxic chemicals. As such, firefighters arrive on site wearing masks. The exercise has begun!



Two firefighters pointing to somewhere in a white fog. A freight train is visible in the background.

The arrival of firefighters to the incident area.


A volunteer is lying down on the ground. A firefighter is checking the health condition of victim at incident area and another responder wearing a hazmat suit is leaning down and watching

As part of the exercise, the actors faked injuries and the responders had to check their health condition.


The participant is lying on the bench and two responders are trying to lift bench

Non-ambulatory victims, played by actors, are placed on the belt by two responders wearing hazmat suits to be carried to the decontamination tent.


Two firefighters are putting bench over the participant who is lying on the bench, behind them are the firefighters in hazmat suits.

The process continues in this photo.


Two firefighters checking the health condition of participant lying on the ground and another participant putting his hand on shoulders of lying participant

Responders are evacuating other participants from the incident area.


Two responders are lifting the participant on the bench and another responder is pointing somewhere

Evacuation process continues in this photo.


One firefighter is lifting a participant in his arm and another firefighter and rescue responder are following them

Evacuation process continues in this photo.


Conveyor belt for a non-ambulant participants which was used for decontamination shower

The following photos provide some detail about the decontamination tent set up. Pictured here is the conveyor belt for non-ambulant participants, which was used for decontamination shower.

A decontamination shower area

A decontamination shower area.


On the table there are skin antiseptics, two belts and scissors.

Skin antiseptics and scissors for the decontamination process.


a white paper written "Remove of clothes" and a sign of person and scissor

A sign referring to remove clothes.


Patient attachment bag with triage coding

Patient attachment bag with triage coding.


A responder is warning and explaining something to two participants in the room. Another participant and responder are sitting on the chair behind

During the exercise, actors portrayed distressed victims in order to train the psychological response team.


A responder is trying to calm down a female participant in the room by holding her hand

Responders are trying to calm down scared participants.


Several firefighters are standing and discussing among each other

After the exercise, the participants were satisfied with the training.

Thank you to the Dortmund Fire Department, the Dortmund Red Cross, the eNOTICE project and all the civil volunteers for helping us make this exercise a success!