Deliverable D6.3 on the first field exercise and evaluation workshop

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Our report on the first field exercise and evaluation workshop (D6.3) is available now!

On 7 May 2020, our first PROACTIVE field exercise took place at the Dortmund Fire Department (FDDO) Training Centre in Dortmund, Germany. The field exercise was a joint activity with another Horizon 2020 project, eNOTICE, which has within its membership several CBRNe training facilities situated across Europe. The scenario, which focused on the Specialist Operational Response (SOR) of decontamination, simulated an unplanned chemical release from a railway freight train, with smoke reaching a group of citizens who were waiting at a nearby station.

Deliverable 6.3 details the overall exercise planning and also focuses on the, engagement, recruitment, management, inclusion, protection, and feedback of those civil society members who volunteered to role play ‘victims’ in the field exercise. Overall, the objectives were achieved. Indeed, civil society, including those from vulnerable groups, were incorporated into the field exercise in an immersive way that introduced new operational dimensions for first responders and gave citizens the opportunity to witness first-hand the procedures involved in decontamination. The field exercise demonstrated that the inclusion of civil society in CBRNe training brings immediate tangible benefits to all involved. The detailed evaluation can be found in the report. Furthermore, based on the challenges faced during and opportunities brought about by the exercise planning and execution phase, 14 Key Takeaways were elaborated to help with future exercise planning and 14 Best Practices were identified to enhance CBRNe preparedness and response.

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Deliverable D6.3 on the first field exercise and evaluation workshop