Deliverable D6.4 on the second field exercise and evaluation workshop

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Our report on the second field exercise and evaluation workshop (D6.4) is available now!

This deliverable reports on the findings and lessons learnt from the second PROACTIVE field exercise and its evaluation workshop. The second exercise took place at the NBC School training centre in Rieti, Italy and was held in conjunction with the eNOTICE project.

A focus of the PROACTIVE project centers on the involvement of civil society volunteers, and in particular vulnerable persons, in the training of CBRNe practitioners. This report details the planning processes, including aspects such as recruitment of vulnerable volunteers, as well as the evaluation of the exercise. 

Exercise evaluation was done through several sources: pre- and post- exercise feedback from the volunteers, expert evaluation, and data collected from invited observers. Overall, an analysis of these datasets enabled the evaluators to identify some clear strengths related to the way in which the exercise was both administered and received by volunteers. However, there were also lessons to be learned around best practice for engaging with both members of vulnerable groups and ensuring high quality communication with casualties.

At the end of exercise citizen volunteers demonstrated a great attitude in terms of their will to learn more about CBRNe as well as their willingness to collaborate with and support the work of specialised responders during such incidents so as to minimise their impact. Furthermore, the practitioners greatly benefited from the “amazing” – their words – opportunity to train with the public at large.

Lastly, this report details lessons learned when it comes to the planning and running of field exercises and elaborates on 9 key takeaways for future work.  

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Deliverable D6.4 on the second field exercise and evaluation workshop