Workshop on Standardisation Potential

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PROACTIVE held a Workshop on Standardisation Potential on March 24, 2023. The aim of the workshop was to see which PROACTIVE outputs might have good standardization potential as part of the exploitation strategy. The workshop was organised by UIC with support from CBRNE Ltd and DHPol.

We invited a group of experts from international, European, or national standardization bodies who are members of the PSAB standardisation subgroup. Also, we collaborated with two EU-funded projects (PEERS & STRATEGY) to create synergies in our standardization efforts.

During the workshop, the experts discussed the PROACTIVE recommendations. They informed the PROACTIVE project about existing standardisation efforts of relevance and encouraged PROACTIVE to leverage such initiatives. That said, they acknowledged that standards were not necessarily the best way forward for all project results.

Experts at the workshop found the PROACTIVE recommendations useful. They believe that the results of the project bring to light current gaps and when implemented, these recommendations will enhance the ongoing efforts to improve CBRNe preparedness and response by making it more inclusive.

In conclusion, the PROACTIVE project workshop on Standardisation Potential proved to be fruitful, providing a great opportunity to receive feedback from experts. We are eager to incorporate these valuable insights into our exploitation strategy. Their knowledge and expertise will help us to achieve our desired outcomes.

We thank all participants for their contributions.

Pie charts illustrating composition of PSAB members of PROACTIVE. Standardisation which is highlighted in black represents of 3 percent, LEA (CBRNe specialist) represents 4 percent. Industry is 6 percent. Military and LEA represent 8 percent. Civil Protection and Railways represent 9 per cent. Firefighters represent 10 percent. Emergency Medical Services represent 14 percent. Researcg & Academia/training represent 26 percent. Pyschological services represent 1 percent.

Standardisation experts make up 3% of the total PSAB members, seen here highlighted in black