Deliverable D4.4: Policy-making toolkit to Improve CBRNe preparedness in the European Security Model

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Our latest report, titled “Policy-making Toolkit to Improve CBRNe Preparedness in the European Security Model (D4.4),” is now available!

In this Deliverable, we introduce a comprehensive policy-making toolkit designed to enhance the secure, coordinated, and efficient utilization of the PROACTIVE mobile app and web platform, taking into account data protection, adherence to ethical principles, and the importance of societal acceptability. The policy-making toolkit also includes three policy briefs, which are also available as separate documents:

  1. CBRNe toolkit for policy makers: integrating vulnerable groups in preparedness and response
  2. Protecting Children in CBRNe Incidents: Guidelines for Civil Society organizations
  3. Improving interaction between First Responders and Civil Society in CBRNe Incidents: Guidelines for Policymakers

To develop this toolkit, we conducted interviews with RINISOFT, the technical partners in charge of the development of the PROACTIVE mobile app and web platform, undertook a literature review, diagnosed system functionalities and usages, mapped users’ needs, and identified policy issues that needed to be addressed. By translating users’ inputs and requirements, we were able to formulate a cohesive policy framework.

We are excited to share this important milestone with you and encourage you to explore the full report here.

Cover page of PROACTIVE Deliverable D4.4