New podcast out about the PROACTIVE project from partner FFI

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In a recent episode of the Norwegian podcast Upgadert entitled “How can we take care of vulnerable groups in a crisis?”, Fatima Ibsen and Arne Joakim Bunkan from the Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (FFI) discuss (in Norwegian) insights from the PROACTIVE project. In the episode, they highlight lessons learned from PROACTIVE’s third field training, which involved representatives of vulnerable groups as role play volunteers. In the podcast, they express their hope that similar exercises could occur in the future in Norway, as this would help ensure that emergency responders are better prepared to meet the needs of all citizens during crises.

We extend our sincere gratitude to them both for sharing their experiences and insights.

Here is the link to the FFI article (in Norwegian):

And a direct link to the podcast (also in Norwegian):

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PROACTIVE project partners Fatima Ibsen and Arne Joakim Bunkan